glasses chains have filed your Grossmami Image. Stuffy you no longer, but rather a true Statement Piece, the all want are definitely. The value of any boring glasses a real eye-catcher.

in Addition, you are not only cool, but also super practical. Because with the accessory all of the problems are to be solved: To glasses large and heavy sun can look at the Down still the nose, but no more flying to the floor and left Shades it thanks to the chains for Glasses, no more.

the Trends

chains need to look such As the Glasses, exactly? Since you have a free Hand, since the exact rules there are none. Especially in the Trend models but in Gold, silver or beaded parts. Roughly, the glasses may be chains, also made of acrylic. Colorful stones, feathers, or shells – nothing is too much!

Click through our glasses chains gallery and get Inspiration.