Donald trump is right. With the successful launch of manned spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon, the U.S. regained its status as a “world leader” in space. It was “a triumphant return to the stars.” But this is not an indictment of our space. Trump has nothing to do with it. It was not in his power. The verdict of our space every endure and come to pass here in Russia. Our effective managers. Now headed by Dmitry Rogozin.

Dmitry Olegovich — the standard of the Manager, is worthy of a place in the house of weights and measures. All the time in fashion trends in his youth functionary in the Committee of youth organizations of the USSR, in the 90s on the political wave of “revival of Russia”, in the early 2000s — along with the nationalists, then, when it became clear who won — the winners.

But most importantly — the ability to say what he wants to hear. Clearly, vividly, poignantly. To create a picture of the scenery.

Here only the Russian space is too big. On the industry is no celluloid is not enough. She’s either right, or the scenery and eager to see the back of the stage as mice, mold, rust, poor engineers and workers and well-fed gentlemen-chiefs.

just recently, Dmitry Rogozin reflected on the history and role of the Soviet rulers. He really likes Stalin. “We must clearly understand that we still live by the military and technical Foundation and groundwork, particularly nuclear, created in the Stalinist era, and immediately after it”, – Rogozin wrote. And claiming the greatness of the country, said: “we were great. Under Stalin”.

this is impossible to argue. I want to shout: “Exactly! Before you came, was great!”.

Sergei Korolev during Stalin worked in a “sharashka”, and then became the General designer. And created the backlog, which now allows you to “Roscosmos” to somehow save face. Where was Dmitry Rogozin under Stalin? We humanists, in the best case — would produce a camp newspaper. Still a journalist by education.

After the launch of Elon musk with astronauts on Board to save face harder. Yes, almost impossible. Because there are words, but there is a real case.

In 2014, Rogozin said, “after Analyzing the sanctions against our cosmodrome, I suggest the U.S. deliver its astronauts to the ISS using the trampoline”.

six years Passed. Elon Musk, whom Rogozin said that he is not a technical expert in the industry, said: “Trampoline works.” Said after the successful launch of your ship. The “Roscosmos” as time has elapsed the upper stage “Fregat” stored on the ground. Toxic components of fuel to spill out of steel.

you Can cite hundreds of examples of how and what is done by the managers in our space industry. But let’s just take one year — 2019. And look what happened to barkproblems, which is to replace the “Unions”.

In January 2019 Dmitry Rogozin said that the ship will be renamed, as he needed a manly name.

In February, several developers “Federation” has moved from RSC Energia to private space company (according to rumors, could not stand it any longer).

In February, Dmitry Rogozin, declared that “Federation” will not fly to the ISS. The purpose of the ship — the lunar projects and missions in deep space.

In early April, was dismissed a number of employees of RSC Energia in order to meet deadlines of production of the spacecraft.

In may 2019 has information about the beginning of production of the first instance of a ship, its hull. Originally wanted to use composites, but since they themselves are not able to produce, and abroad does not, I decided to make of aluminum alloy.

6 Sep 2019 Dmitry Rogozin announced that the ship will be renamed from “Federation” to “eagle.”

In September there was information that the ship decided to do though is universal — and for the ISS and for “far” space.

In October 2019, has conducted studies of the aerodynamic characteristics of the cover of the parachute container.

13 Dec 2019 it became known that the spacecraft was too heavy to fly — it weighs 22 tons and 343 kg, while the developers were counting on the weight to 19 tons, 848 lbs.

the ship began to make in 2009, a year early than a melted 30 may Crew Dragon. Made private shop “non-expert” Elon musk.

I watched the launch of the American spacecraft on the NASA website live. And seen as the future comes space. In which we have no place even “cabs” delivering people to the ISS. A very strange feeling was: at the same time inspiring a joy for engineers and non-Christian, just some blind hatred of the parasites, prozeralik heritage Korolev and Gagarin.

Elon Musk, dear! Trampoline you did. Do, please, for us the catapult. With a one-way flight. We have candidates to run.

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