The founder of Tesla and Space X Elon Musk said that the brain chip, which is developing his startup will allow people to hear sounds beyond the usual frequencies. About it reports The Independent.

According to the entrepreneur, the ultimate goal of the project is the establishment of a direct connection between the computer and the human brain using implanted chip. He noted that with the help of this technology it will be possible to listen to music in my head.

Max also added that with the help of chip people with brain injuries to restore mobility of limbs.

Previously, Musk said that the microchipped people will be able to control the level of hormones. According to him, people with this chip will be able to relieve anxiety or to focus on the reflection. The device also allows the user to stimulate the release of oxytocin, serotonin and other chemicals.

In may, the billionaire announced that his company Neuralink ready to soon introduce a chip in the human brain. According to him, in the course of the year will be completed the work on creation of the implant. The entrepreneur explained that the implant is placed under the bones of the skull, connected with the brain by means of electrodes and begins to perform the functions of the human body.

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