The founder of Tesla and Space X Elon Musk has responded to the threat actor johnny Depp to cut off his genitals. This writes The Mirror.

During the trial of the libel case in court was shown text messages sent Depp to his friend Christian Carino, in which he threatened to cut off the genitals Mask.

So, in response, Musk suggested Depp to arrange a fight. “If johnny wants to fight in the cage, just let me know,” said the founder of Space X.

Musk also said that their relationship with actress and ex-wife Depp amber heard started after the separation of the pair. “I definitely wasn’t having an affair with amber while she was married to johnny,” he said.

In July the lawyers of johnny Depp caught amber heard in the affair, saying that she had two extramarital Affairs with CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk and James Franco, when she still was in a relationship with the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Hurd replied that she suffered from “alleged paranoia Depp and erroneous belief” that it was wrong in the marriage.

Johnny Depp and amber heard were married in February 2015. In may 2016, the actress has filed for divorce, and then announced that her husband beat her. Depp later filed a lawsuit against Hurd and demanded 50 million dollars for an article where she calls herself a victim of domestic violence. The actor stressed that her statement is untrue. In February 2020, the network leaked the conversation of the stars, in which the actress confessed to beating ex-husband.