SpaceX founder Elon Musk does not think it a problem to run 10 thousand rockets to Mars for holding on to his poles thermonuclear explosions to create the conditions for life on earth.

About this he wrote on his Twitter page, commenting on the statement made by the Executive Director of the Russian space Agency on promising programs and science Alexander Bloshenko about the necessity of such quantities of missiles for climate change on Mars.

“Not a problem”, – reports TASS the words of the Mask.

Earlier, the founder of SpaceX, has offered to terraform Mars (to create the conditions for life on earth), having conducted a large series of thermonuclear explosions on the poles of the planet. The idea of the Mask, this will lead to evaporation of frozen carbon dioxide, which comprises the ice caps of the poles of Mars.

In response to this Bloshenko declared that for the thermonuclear explosions on the poles of Mars will need about 10 thousand runs of the lifting rockets. However, according to him, in fact any tangible effects on the climate of Mars (as well as on the climate of Venus) in the near future humanity to provide not.