the Week’s quizetema is about songs that in one way or the other can be linked to the evening and night.

Tvi tvi, good luck … and good night.

1/12 Trollmor


Photo: Colourbox

We start with a kveldssang many people know.

How many children, or troll if you will, has trollmor in the song “Trollmors vuggevise/lullaby”?

134 4 11 13 2/12 Trøndere


Photo: Colourbox

What trøndere asked nicely “Will you værra with mæ hjæm in the night” in 1996?

TNT D. D. E. Three Small Chinese The Kids 3/12 Who sings?

You need javascript to play the sound clip “Strangers in the Night”.

This is the song “Strangers in The Night”.

And the version you hear here is with he who made it known. Who is it?

Dean Martin Bing Crosby Sammy Davis Jr. Frank Sinatra 4/12 Odd Nordstoga Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

“Kveldssong for you and me” is a song by Odd Nordstoga.

How to start it?

Hint: is Considered to be his first radio hit, so you’ve heard it a lot.

I want to live and have cool, four-wheeled, One day came kjærteiken entirely by himself, the Pig stands and howls in the silent night There is a light out there, as you can see from where you live 5/12 Ooa hela natten Photo: Colourbox

Who was very enthusiastic to “Ooa hela natten” in the song with the same name from 1981?

Dr. Alban Golden Times Ace of Base Attack 6/12 Who sings in this clip?

You need javascript to play the sound clip “One night pass”.

This is “A night past,” written by Jan Eggum. It was originally written for the name of the artist you hear here, and first published in 1976.

Who is this?

” Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen Wenche Myhre Hanne Krogh Anita Hegerland 7/12 What they call themselves? Photo: Picture Perfect/REX

Here you see the band behind the song “Some Nights” which has over 370 million streams on spotify pr. now.

What is the name of the?

Hint: They have also released the song “We Are Young” with Janelle Monáe.

Fun. Panic! At The Disco Imagine Dragons Gotye 8/12 The Beatles

From left: Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison

Photo: AP

Here you see the Beatles. They released the album A hard day’s night as their third album. What year came it?

1961 1964 1969 1971 9/12 Who is this?

You need javascript to play the sound clip “still of the Night the sons (Radio mix)”.

Here you will hear the song “the Night’s sons”.

Who performs it?

Dirty Oppland the homeless Parliament Gain clowning around 10/12 Patti Smith

Patti Smith in 2008

Photo: Miguel Villagran / AP

“Because the night, belongs to lovers” sings Patti Smith in the song “Because the night”.

Who she wrote this song along with?

Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen Iggy Pop 11/12 Maleficent

You need javascript to play the sound clip “Once Upon a Dream”.

Dream is something that you do at night, therefore, we ask: Who sings on this song which is from the movie Maleficent from the 2014?

Lorde Lana Del Rey Halsey Dua Lipa 12/12 Which album?

From left: Brian Johnson and Angus Young in 2008


Song “You Shook Me All Night Long” came in the 1980s – on which album?

< p> Flick of The Switch Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Back in Black Blow Up Your Video, Your profit

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