Inhabitants of Moscow from 22 to 30 June are invited to participate in a new crowdsourcing project “Culture online”. Ideas for the development of services and diversity of content of the capital’s cultural institutions can be offered from 22 to 25 June on the platform

In the expert Commission’s new crowdsourcing project number entered:

— the Minister of Moscow Government, head of the Department of cultural heritage Alexander Kibovsky;

— the head of the Moscow Directorate for the development of cultural centers Timur Vakhitov;

General Director Mosgorduma Inna Golubeva;

Director of gku “joint Directorate “Mosgorpark”” Victoria Haralanova.

Experience in operational transition of institutions to online showed that they can create interesting interactive useful and up to date content. City Departement culture fact that in Moscow there are shots, creative ideas, a tremendous amount of knowledge and technical capabilities. For visitors have been developed webinars, lectures, online tours, meetings and other interesting events. The Department also noted that the opinion of citizens about what activities can they do not have to allow to make online projects most popular.

Previously summed up the results of the second phase of the crowdsourcing project “Moscow-based electronic services”, dedicated to the sphere of housing and communal services. He went from 25 to 31 may. More than 19 thousand people have offered more than thousands of ideas. Residents made suggestions in three areas of development of e-services: “Services for legal entities,” “Services for individuals” and “development of a unified personal account on the portal”.

Completed the second stage of the crowdsourcing project “Moscow e-services”

Platform appeared in 2014. During this time nya more than 220 thousand Muscovites joined 24 projects and suggested that more than 105 thousand ideas, of which about four thousand experts selected for further implementation. Citizens have sponsored such projects as “My Park” “Electronic house,” “Children’s clinic”, “Moscow clinic”, “Active longevity”, “Moscow libraries”, “My office of government services, Cultural centers. Future” and “Museums of Moscow”.