In the near future, rains with thunderstorms are expected in places in the capital. Wind gusts can reach 15-17 meters per second. Such weather conditions will continue until the morning of August 31.

For safety reasons, citizens should limit their stay on the street. If bad weather catches you on the road, you need to bypass the supports of power lines, do not hide under trees and shaky structures, motorists should not park next to them.

When driving a car in the rain, it is necessary to observe the speed limit, increase the distance to the vehicles moving ahead and avoid sudden maneuvers.

About large accumulations of water, you can report to the administration of your district, the prefecture of the district, the unified dispatch center by phone: +7 495 539-53-53 or to the portal. ” About accumulations of water on roads and in yard driveways should be reported to SUE “Mosvodostok” by phone: +7 495 657-87-03, about accumulations of water in underground passages — to GBU “Gormost” by phone: +7 495 623-58-46.