Muscovites urged to stay home in the afternoon due to high levels of ultraviolet radiation.

"Now, last week, during this week the UV index high: they are from 6 to 8 is projected in Moscow. This means that in the afternoon or better to be at home, or, if you go, respect the safety precautions", – said the scientific head of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

Meteorologist advises to protect from the sun wear long-sleeved shirts and hats, and use sunscreen.

He recalled that this year in the centre and South of European Russia, and also in the South Asian part of the country recorded very high levels of ultraviolet radiation.

He noted that in small doses ultraviolet light is useful, but for the most part it is harmful. "If it were not for ozone, which is 90% absorbs ultraviolet radiation, life on Earth would be impossible", – said Vilfand.

This week in the capital region will be warm, Sunny and almost no rain. On Tuesday, the temperatures can reach 24 degrees. The wind will blow Southeast with a speed of 7-12 meters per second.

On Wednesday predicted a slight rain in the daytime the air warms up to +24… +26 degrees. The wind will blow South-West at a speed of 5-10 meters per second, sometimes gusts can reach up to 15 meters per second. Similar weather will continue until the end of the week. On Friday, some places may go through intermittent rain.

The CPS recommended during hot weather to minimize exposure to the street and exercise. The Ministry also warned about the need to limit the use of public transport. It is best to visit morning or evening, when the street is not so hot.

Roman Vilfand warned about lowering the atmospheric pressure in Moscow. He said that the rate will deviate from the norm by about 10 mm Hg. In this case, the normal atmospheric pressure for Moscow is 748 mm Hg.