In Moscow on Wednesday, July 29, is expected to intermittent rain, thunderstorm and up to 29 degrees Celsius. As reported by the leading specialist of the Center weather Phobos Elena Volosyuk, the background temperature will be 4-5 degrees above normal.

Today, the capital region remains in the warm sector of Atlantic cyclone, which in some places prosomat fleeting thunderstorms, which, however, will not prevent the background temperature by 4-5 degrees exceed climatic norm, — she told RIA Novosti.

In the capital, will blow South-West wind gusts will be from 4 to 9 meters per second. The atmospheric pressure will drop slightly and will be 744 mm of a mercury column, said meteorologist. In Moscow will be 27-29 degrees in the suburbs — plus 25-30.

Earlier reported that the first half of the week in Moscow will be relatively warm, but closer to the weekend in the capital will come cold. In the evening and afternoon time it is possible short-term rains and thunderstorms.