The first spring storm to 23 degrees Celsius expected in Moscow region on Sunday, reported RIA Novosti senior fellow at the center for weather "Phobos" Eugene Tiscover.

According to him, may 1 will be cloudy with clearings, without significant precipitations, at night zero – five, day – 10-15 degrees Celsius. The next day, may 2, will be cloudy with possible afternoon rain, glide the warm front, which will open the way to the Atlantic air, night plus one plus six, day plus 11 plus 16.

"the Most interesting will begin may 3, Sunday, when Moscow will be in the warm sector of the Atlantic cyclone. Will be cloudy with clearings, intermittent rain, and I expect the first spring thunderstorm in Moscow. The night will be a plus five to plus ten, and a day – plus 18 – 23 plus" said Tiscover.