ENEA has prepared a series of images of a closed area of an exhibition, informs a portal of the mayor and government of Moscow. 15 unique photos including quadcopter and review videos available on the official website of the exhibition.

Users will be able, without leaving home, walk along the Central alley, near the pavilions, "Azerbaijan", "Space" No. 58 "Agriculture" fountains "Friendship of peoples" and "Stone flower" and other masterpieces of architecture.

"Now the exhibition is closed to the public, but our followers in social networks regularly write that I miss the ENEA and would like to see the alleys of the main exhibition of the country without visitors. Therefore, we have prepared an introductory video and a unique collection of panoramic photographs" – told in the press service of ENEA.

It is noted that despite the fact that visitors at ENEA no, her territory is cleaned daily, the specialists caring for trees, flower beds and lawns. Very soon at ENEA bloom hyacinths and yellow daffodils, and early in may the flower beds will bloom more than 600 thousand tulips.

Now ENEA is temporarily closed for visitors due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection. To walk around the pavilions and watch informative videos online. On videoproducer the visitors will be told about the Soviet era in the early 1940s, the pavilion "Space" and other attractions of the exhibition.

ENEA has also prepared a virtual tour on the roofs of pavilions.