The inhabitant of capital Alexander Andrianov on his page “Vkontakte” announced the creation of the movement “Migrants lives matter” (TRANS. from English. – “The lives of migrants are important”). The man showed how to treat the guests from the neighboring republics, standing in front of one of them on his knee and brushing his shoes.

The activist stressed that the majority of Russians do not think about the people living nearby. Thus, according to him, in Russia migrants were treated as “second-class citizens”: they are humiliated, tortured constant checks, “throw money”. People, said Andrianov, forced to live in “some dirty barracks.”

“it is high time to understand: it is not necessary to divide people into Russians, Uzbeks, Americans, Japanese – there are people on the planet Earth. Everyone should be given equal rights and opportunities. All should be treated with respect,” he wrote (spelling and punctuation of the author saved – approx. ed.).

In the illustrative example, the activist posted a video where he’s in a t-shirt with the name of the movement kneeling on one knee before the man in the orange cloak, cleans his shoes.

Andriyanova subscribers in the social network did not support his initiative, calling it “the inkwell”, and also saying that unlike the black Americans were brought to USA as slaves, migrants voluntarily come to Russia to work and get paid for it.

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