that’s what tells the eyewitness of the tragedy of 20-year-old Lawrence worth, located at a distance of 10 meters from the scene: “a Man was walking along the path opposite the spot where we passed a group of eight to ten people. Then he threw himself to the left and stabbed three people from the first group. Changing direction, he ran to us, and then I realized that we will not catch up, turned around and went to another group that is not yet understood what was happening. There he struck someone a blow with a knife.”

the Offender disarmed the policeman, knocking him off his feet regulski reception. Anti-terrorist police worked all night, finding out the circumstances of the tragedy. Park Forbury cordoned off. It’s unclear what motivated the attackers – religious, political, or other motives. Likely that will be conducted on the subject of mental health of the attacker. Judging from initial reports, it was a loner. Saturday incident in reading is assessed at the moment as the most serious terrorist attack after 2017 terrorist attack on London bridge.

the Incident will be investigated by the British secret service MI-5, the government’s emergency Committee Cobra, as well as directly by the interior Minister Priti Patel. The Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson receives regular reports about the ensuing investigation.