cases such as the crystal cave murder from Oberriet SG, in the year 1982 not release the people. In particular, the families want to know what is happening to your loved one – no matter how much time has passed. In the foreground is the desire for certainty is. The punishment of the offender is of secondary importance. Investigators are bound by the Statute of limitations anyway the hands. This occurs, the user must close the police case and destroy the evidence. That’s about to change.

Concerned, and the St. Gallen national Council, Mike Egger (27, SVP) not that murder is time-barred. If necessary, you want to enforce the request by the Initiative, as Egger emphasises, compared to Sunday views. To bring an Initiative to the vote, need, however, “a lot of time and money,” says Egger. “But we can’t raise the issue in Parliament, we will go on this way”, he announces.

push in St. Gallen until now, not

treated For, the initiators are sure that the majority of the population would support the concern. Egger has already brought to 2018, surprisingly and against the resistance of the cantonal government, a proposal for a change in the law in the St. Gallen cantonal Parliament. In the Wake of the Canton of St. Gallen, submitted a cantonal initiative to the repeal of the Statute of limitations for serious offences. In January 2019, the initiative of the Parliament.

However, to date, the initiative has not been treated. In the coming year, the respective commissions will deal in Parliament with the initiative. You will probably have a difficult position: in 2016, the national Council Alfred army filed a similar Motion in the national Council – it was rejected. There is a right to forgiveness and to Forget and to hope for the healing effect of time, established by the Federal Council of the former rejection.

Egger is mainly the unequal ranking between a sex offense and a murder pushing: Since the Limitation Initiative, which was supported by Egger also, the exclusion from limitation of sexual offenses against children act. Egger will this cancel out the imbalance. Added to this were advances in forensic technology. New evidence to convict a perpetrator, is not allowed to use them according to the current state after the expiration of the Statute of limitations.
“A perpetrator is not allowed to feel even after over 30 years”, calls for Egger.