Murder in the Shisha: a chronicle of events in the German Hanau

In the German Hanau as a result of shooting killed eight people, at least five seriously injured and are in critical condition. The police managed to detain one suspect.

the First minutes after the shooting. The police are already in place. A local resident filmed the incident on a mobile phone. “Guys I have a house at the door of the bar “Midnight” someone shot,” he says.

the Police of the state of Hesse confirmed that as a result of shooting a few night clubs Hanau, located 20 kilometres from Frankfurt-on-main, 8 people died and five were seriously injured. It happened about 10 PM.

the First attack was carried out at the hookah “Midnight” in the center of the 100-thousand city. It is not yet clear, came in or the criminals opened fire from the Windows of the car at people standing at the entrance.

that fire was probably still on the street, said the bullets damaged Mercedes. Witnesses heard eight or nine shots. Bild newspaper reports that after that dark car disappeared from the scene.

And after a few minutes in the neighboring area in another hookah place called “a Bar and cafe arena” — the shooting resumed. Information about this a bit more detailed. It is alleged that the offender (this time readings agree that he was one) rang the doorbell, which at that time was already locked, and then burst inside and shot and killed five people — four young men and the girl.

hot On the heels of the police managed to arrest one man, but the police operation in Hanau continues looking for possible accomplices. The mayor Claus Kaminsky said: “the fact that eight people were killed, shocks me. But I ask all citizens not to participate in speculation. The police should be able to understand the situation — until then we have to wait, no matter how difficult it was not.”

from the beginning of year it already the second mass murder in Germany. January 24 in the community rot am see (Federal land of Baden-württemberg) 26-year-old young man shot and killed five people: two men and three women, then committed suicide. It turned out that they were all connected by ties of kinship. Police called the incident a family tragedy.

Motives for yesterday’s shooting in Hanau is not yet clear. The most obvious two versions: a terrorist attack or a settling of accounts between criminal groups. In 2015, when the country poured hundreds of thousands of migrants, ethnic crime blossomed riotous color. It is reported that among the dead and wounded there are Kurds.