In Switzerland, fewer refugees to come as well. However, the consequences of the refugee wave of 2015 have now only to cantons and municipalities, such as the “Sunday newspaper” reported. Starting next year, you will have to bear the expenses for those people who came at that time in Switzerland. It’s more of a cost of a billion francs arise.

The reason for this huge redistribution of spending is that the Federal government shall in the case of recognised refugees and temporarily admitted to five respectively seven years of funding. Thus, the 50 francs, the Federal way fall money per day per refugee, covering the cost of social assistance and care.

“is The expected billion scary, but we should not surrender,” quoted the “Sunday newspaper” Christoph among our clients, the President of the Swiss conference for social aid (Skos). Among our clients appeals to “intra-cantonal solidarity” with fairer distribution of load-balancing. In addition, a more rapid Integration of refugees into the labour market, standing first in the foreground.

Integration need more time

For many communities, the additional expenditure in the asylum-social assistance but there is already a Problem. Instead of, for example, the school renovate the house or to be able to clubs financially support, are used to offset the rising asylum costs. Tax increases threaten. Meanwhile, even left the city of Bern raises the Alarm. A solution for a longer period of compensation by the Federal government would be. The Federal Council wanted to know until now, but nothing of an Expansion of the cost of acquisition.

another, under international law, of sensitive proposal is that the freedom of establishment of refugees to restrict. Those who refer to social assistance, should not be able to choose the place of residence within the Canton free. Because of cheap housing around the villages Bazenheid SG and Kirchberg SG attract many Eritreans. Votes are there, according to that only refugees with a Job can choose their place of residence freely.

The social assistance rate for provisionally admitted refugees, the life of up to seven years in Switzerland, is 87 percent. There is hope, says Renate Gautschy (FDP), to stay the boss in Gontenswil AG Council, that as many people as possible to be integrated, and not in the welfare land. However, she was sceptical: Five to seven years would be enough for Integration hardly. So Eritreans are not used to working eight hours a day. “The Integration takes patience. Pressure is counterproductive,” says Gautschy for the “Sunday newspaper”. (kes)