Munich, – Caroline Maier wants to help, and she has just time. Since a few days, she sews with her mother masks made of three layers of gaily patterned cotton fabric.

“are now sent by parcel to Munich,” says the 27-Year-old. Actually she lives in Munich, lives because of the Corona-crisis but just with her family in Baden-Württemberg. At the weekend, the Munich-based children’s house of Breath, asked about the social media people to sew in the Corona-crisis protection masks for you. Within a short period of time, the call spread – and in many places rattle now the sewing machines.

“It is overwhelming, what we get feedback,” says Felicitas Hanne, Director of the children’s house. “This sign of solidarity is for my employees is so important.” On Tuesday, the first protective masks should arrive in the children’s house. There are 18 critically ill children, which must be breathed into life. The youngest is six months, the oldest 17 years. The self-sewn masks according to instructions on the Internet to protect first and foremost the young patients. “For us this is not a protection,” explains Hanne.