Munich conference: Russia's successes noted, Ukraine is forgotten

February 15 — key day, as it was called earlier “family gathering” of the West — the annual Munich security conference, the same one where his famous Munich speech of Vladimir Putin. Conference was opened by the President of the host country of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

“from year to Year we achieve the main goal of international cooperation, world peace. And our closest ally, the United States of America under the current government rejects even the idea of an international community. Like the attitude of “every man for himself” can function in world politics”, — said Steinmeier.

last year, the participants of the Munich conference called it “a Requiem for the West”. Of course, to write off the West and not simply dangerous, but Europe obviously considering how to proceed. What is the mood in Munich today and now there hosted a delegation from Russia headed by Sergey Lavrov?

the Traditional report to the conference opening 100 pages with illustrations and charts, this time titled by the neologism “bezzabotnostj”. And in this the authors see the main threat. The influence of Western countries in the international arena is declining, Russia, on the contrary, increases the influence. But what is even worse, bezzabotnostj undermines the West from within. This refers to the European crisis of liberal values that many Europeans now are not satisfied.

the front Cover of this report with a lit fire turned out to be prophetic. In the Bavarian capital at night flared hundreds of the same. The protesters fought with police. Night in Munich-fascists marched. Although more often within the EU, there are voices accusing the government that they are committing slow suicide, opening the door to migrants, creating the ground for Islamization. These same voices call to build fences, to strengthen the border, forget about political correctness and minority rights.

“Falling is the credibility of the West. Drops his share in the economic RAthe development of the world. There is disunity. The West is losing and does not see clearly the world as it is. And the world has become multipolar,” — said the Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko.

the conference — a series of speeches of the leaders. The President of Germany Steinmeier, canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, the Austrian Chancellor Kurz, French President macron, which then in absentia before his arrival, many debated. In the first place with his plan of building a strategic dialogue with Russia, and in Munich it is this idea even a few developed.

“we have a frozen conflict, a system of distrust, conflict, cybersecurity, sanctions that absolutely nothing has changed in Russia. I’m not suggesting to remove them, I’m just stating. Our sanctions and counter-sanctions are we, the Europeans, as expensive as for Russia, a result that is not too positive,” — said the President of France.

for the First time at the Munich conference, the Ukrainian President Zelensky. Although his country, this time in Munich is almost not discussed. Zelensky even forgets to give the microphone.

Before that, the Ukrainian President said he wants to hold in October the local Ukrainian elections in the Crimea with the Donbas. But it is not ready to communicate with the leadership of the DNI and LC. But the Rada people’s Deputy Goncharenko performance Zelensky did not like, because he never called Russia “an aggressor”.

Russia in Munich is Sergey Lavrov. He is one bilateral meeting after another: with the Prime Minister of Greece, with the foreign Minister of Croatia, President of Iraqi Kurdistan, with NATO Secretary General, the President and the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany. With Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu, who assured that his country had taken all necessary measures for the security of the Russian Embassy, which received threats after the recent events in Syria.

“Russia and Turkey Have very good relations. This does not mean that we should all SOGto lasalsa. I do believe that full consent can not be any one problem in relations between any two countries. If this is present, then it is a little reminiscent of the pressure, which such consent and stems,” — said the Russian foreign Minister.

Speaking from the main podium of the conference, Lavrov proposes the West to cease to cultivate the phantom “Russian threat”, but rather to remember what unites us, restoring mutual trust.

“the President of Russia proposes to start a conversation format meeting of heads of the States permanent members of the UN Security Council. Let me emphasize: we are not talking about creating another “private club”, where behind the scenes will decide the fate of mankind. Our idea is that the five States that under the United Nations Charter special responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, have shown political will and made recommendations to improve the entire atmosphere of international communication, restoring trust among its participants”, — said Sergey Lavrov.

French President this idea is already supported. It is not excluded that it also Lavrov discussed during a closed-door meeting with Michael Pompeo. Us Secretary of state came out of Lavrov in the hallway and said loudly: “good Luck.”

I was in Munich and former us Secretary of state John Kerry.

– do You agree with the conclusions about Russia’s growing role in the world?

– it is Obvious that Russia plays an increasingly important role. In far too many places negative, I suppose. But I understand what’s happening. And I hope that diplomacy can unite the country when the whole world is desperately looking for real steps to address our common problems, Kerry said.

Without much pleasure in the Munich report notes the international success of Russia. Only in the last year — returns to the Council of Europe, the sale of the NATO country, Turkey, air defense systems, the consolidation of its status as an influential broker in the middle East. I remembered about a recent naval exercise that Russia held, together with China and Iran in the Northern part of the Indian ocean and Ottoman Gulf.

“We will maintain the best relations with Russia and China. We will continue our very good cooperation. Nothing will change. I say this not specifically for Russian television. I say this for all channels from different regions. There are a lot of cameras from European Union. This is the Serbian politics, and it brings us good results,” — said the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic.

“I have repeatedly said that a strong Russia is necessary not only Russia, but all of us” — said the President of Moldova Igor Dodon.

56th conference in Munich takes place under the sign of reflection Europeans, digging their own mistakes. They actually recognize the failure of policy in Libya and throughout the region. For example, the map with all the instability in North Africa. Since the “Arab spring”, the number of riots, protests and uprisings have grown at least twice. But worried about the West in the first place that now they are not going back, and Russia.

– Your statements on Syria not convincing. How will Russia guarantee the sovereignty of Syria? – asked Sergei Lavrov.

– I must say, because it’s a simple question. We do what we do in Syria, not in order to convince you. You are a journalist, as I understand it, you have every right to draw a picture of what is happening, as you understand it. We do that requires resolution 2254. And she, among other things, guarantees the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, — said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

the Conference overcomes the equator, in the hotel carry a box of pizza. Spilling “the zipper” of news. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: the Alliance is not going to reduce its forces in Afghanistan, setting the conditions the Taliban (banned in Russia). On the way to the car the Stoltenberg asked about upcoming NATO exercises “defender of the Europe-2020”. “This is an important doctrine,” he said.

the largest exercises of the Alliance for 25 years, collect 40 thousand military. Maneuvers should take place in Eastern Europe and Georgia, near the Russian border. Germany will be the main logistics hub. In the German left party called the teachings of the disgusting political signal against Russia.