Munich conference: bipolar disorder West

Munich hosted the next conference on security. What is happening there, really reflect the reality of the new world.

Every year the President of the Munich security conference Ischinger looking for a way to provoke discussion. This kind of work. This year he came up with a new word: westlessness – “bezzabotnostj”. Something like that. Say, that’s the West coming from the world scene as a collective entity. The first who supported this idea was the Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “Our closest ally, the United States does not agree with the idea of world community. As if the position “everyone for itself” can be the basis for international policy”, — the politician noted.

the Delegation from Washington, as always, were the most numerous, but divided internally because of the separation on those who are “for” and “against” trump. First in a big black car American production came the leader of the democratic majority in Congress, Nancy Pelosi. And began to criticize China.

“China wants to export its digital autocracy with telecommunications giant Huawei,” said she.

the US is not like Chinese 5G, Chinese goods, money, spies and ships in the South China sea. It turned out that despite internal contradictions, it is equally not like Democrats and Republicans, and later confirmed members of the team trump the Secretary of state Michael Pompeo. The main threats in Washington, imagine this: in the first place — China, the second — Iran and North Korea, the third – LIH (banned in Russia). And Steinmeier do not right.

“I Have good news. And a lot of them. USA brave in the face of global challenges and not going to blink. The West wins. We have a collective victory. We’re doing this together,” said Pompeo.

what the West wins, Pompeo proclaimed repeatedly. But Sergei Lavrov at the expense of other information.

“According to statistics of the International monetary Fund, the combined GDP of the BRICS countries exceeded the same indicator of the countries “big seven”. This trend will continue,” — said the Russian foreign Minister.

This remark Lavrov made at the meeting of the political club, “Primakov reading.” In General, most of the time in Munich, Sergei Lavrov, as always, was outside the meeting room, having closed more than a dozen bilateral meetings. With his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, who said at the conference that the strategic cooperation with Russia will continue, coronavirus under control, and the friction of the USA related to the fact that they do not want to recognize the successes of the socialist system. With the Secretary of state Pompeo (about their communication it is known only that already the Secretary of state wished good luck Lavrov), with a German colleague, Maas, Iran’s Javad Zarif and Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan Barzani. Perhaps the most relevant was the communication with Turkish foreign Minister Cavasoglu. As affected the relations of Russia and Turkey, the escalation of the situation in the Syrian Idlib, asked Lavrov at the meeting?

“Russia and Turkey Have very good relations. This does not mean that we have to agree in everything. I do believe that full consent can neither be one problem between the two countries. This is one of the last pockets of terrorism. The security arrangements (ceasefire, a demilitarized zone, a disassociation from terrorists) does not mean that the uncompromising fight against terrorism. The task is difficult. Contacts between Russia and Turkey continue to find ways to fulfil the agreements on Idlib. Regular contacts take place next week,” said Lavrov.

the outcome of regional conflicts, and even more so on a global scale depends on the permanent members of the UN security Council. Lavrov reminded about the Russian initiative, which received the approval of France and China, but which is inaudible to treagerovale in Washington and London.

“we Need a direct and honest exchange of views on how to preserve peace for future generations”, — said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

French President Makron also expressed some interesting thoughts about trust: “One thing that the US does not trust Russia, but we are neighbors! If we continue to act as we did before, it is not a policy, and inefficient approach. We will have more frozen conflict, more suspicion, confrontations in cyberspace, sanctions, which actually haven’t changed anything. I’m not saying that they need to cancel. I note that they brought nothing”.

When the Pasta has finished his speech, next to him, immediately appeared a person, who had in Munich, no one listened, and now the words do not give. Poroshenko smiled, waiting for him to pay attention. Left very happy, because drew. In General, the conference organizers have taken into account the sad experience of the Munich monologues Poroshenko and took the current President of Ukraine a small room, which turned out to be filled. The Ukrainian press and the members of the Ukrainian delegation. Moderated by CNN. Studied in English.

“we have established excellent relations with the United States. Thank you all, and President Trump,” said Zelensky.

But Zelensky will not only thank, but there is still much to do to win the favor of Mr. trump. On the other hand, he actually was the only one who spoke warmly about America except Americans themselves. For example, the German take on American leadership expresses the utmost degree of anguish and frustration.

“the Era when the United States was omnipresent global Sheriff, coming to an end. It is enough to recall Syria, Afghanistan or Africa. Meanwhile, the future of the Middle East is decided in Astana and Sochi, and not in Geneva or new York,” — said the head of the German foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

This is the same “bezzabotnostj", which came up with Ischinger President of the Munich conference — which ceases to perform one of its basic functions — soothing and pain pills for the transatlantic community. And this is due to the fact that at least one part of the West — the Old Europe — aware of the fact that the world ceased to be unipolar. The other part refuses to admit it. Here is bipolar disorder.

Text: “News of the week”