You don’t consider your Situation as a luxury problem, what exactly is the Problem, name you but. What you are experiencing, so it is perhaps not a luxury problem, but simply a luxury. But with unverhofftem luxury to deal with is sometimes much more difficult than you think.

You seem to be with this new Partner to a very special sexuality to discover. Why do people are sometimes confronted with the fact that enjoyment may be associated in a relationship with a bad Conscience with respect to the other partnership. Unfortunately, a guilty Conscience is but one of the most reliable Killer of enjoyment and relaxation that exists.

Really deep, enjoyment can go only if the Experience is associated with a permission. And since it is under given circumstances, not as to the wisdom of those of your Partner, seek, stay, only you left. The exciting question would be whether you have self-issued a permit for your luxury.

To fit this line of thought by the way that you want to know, what are you doing in this new sexuality properly. The idea is tied to that you could also do something wrong. But instead of Sex to divide into “right” or “wrong”, you should simply be present and accept what is.

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