Multimillion dollar Texas since may 1 will take home quarantine

Texas takes home quarantine since may 1. About it on air of local TV channels said the state Governor, Greg Abbott. He noted that the quarantine has already done its job and reduced the number of infections with the coronavirus in the territory. Now is the time to enter a new phase.

“Now is the time for a responsible approach to the restoration business, so we open with all safety standards”, – quotes the head of the state RIA Novosti news Agency.

Texas will be the largest at the moment the US region, which will remove strict home quarantine for residents here reside almost 29 million people. On Friday, the first of may, the state will open shopping malls and cinemas, but to take what they can until no more than 35% of the normal number of its visitors. Doors for guests will open once again libraries and museums. But the beauty salons and gyms will remain in quarantine.

the United States still leads in the number of cases of coronavirus. In the country infected with 985 thousand 374 people, figures Johns Hopkins University.