Today at twelve o’clock it was so far: In the smooth centre of the doors to go to the new Muji store. It is the Swiss, the first branch of the Japanese chain. Over 100 buyers the not to be missed. The crowd is massive. To Pay the customers stand up in front of the shop in a long queue.

for the time being, Muji in the shopping center at this place is the only time guest. The Pop-Up Store closes at the end of June. However, in autumn the return. Then on 1000 square meters and a complete range of products – from fashion write-up to household goods appliances. It is one of the largest in Europe, said a person in charge of Muji to VIEW.

Currently the selection is still limited to the “most fashionable best seller,” says Takuo Nagarahara (44), European Director of Muji. In addition, there is a Mini-exhibition about the brand and its history.

Already Nagarahara and his Team look after other Local. In the visor you have, especially the inner city of Zurich. Longer clients in the Romandie or in Ticino have to be patient. Muji wants to concentrate for the moment on the German part of Switzerland.

Simple and convenient of cult status it enjoys with its customers. The like the simple and timeless Design of the products. Therefore the Name Muji is short for Mujirushi Ryōhin, translated: “No brand, good products”. The articles are also cheap, but not cheap. Colored pens are available for 2.50 francs, wooden hangers in the Multipack to 12.95 Swiss francs, or face water for 16.95 Swiss francs.

A bag with Zurich-print costs 5 francs. The limited-edition product, in the opening of the Renner. Many customers bought more of the fabric bags.

has a Strong left in China

For its Switzerland-Expansion Muji time. Already much longer the Japanese can be found in other European countries. In 2005, about the first store in Germany opened. Currently, there are seven shops. The largest Muji density is outside of Japan in China. There Ryohin Keikaku, the company operates behind the brand, 229 shops.

Muji was founded in Japan in 1980 and operates around 800 branches. 3500 employees in over 25 countries, the company counts. The turnover is around 3.5 billion euros annually.

Now is also a Hotel

Since last year, Muji involved in the tourism business. The first Hotel opened in Shenzhen, China, shortly thereafter, a second followed in Beijing. Since this week, now Japan can spend the night-travellers in Tokyo at a Muji.