special investigator Robert Mueller has concluded its investigation on the Russia-affair late on Friday evening. An indictment against Donald Trump is not called for. The President held back yesterday, striking – his environment, but cheers. Sunday view answers the most important questions.

Mueller was on 17. May 2017 tasked to investigate the suspected illegal election campaign in aid by Russia. Only a week earlier, Trump had fired his FBI Director James Comey, because he had refused to help in the cover-up of possible offences, the more important Trump-employee.

Minister of justice, William Barr will decide what will be published of the report. The Democrats are calling for full transparency. Also Trump has anything to the publication. But that could change quickly: Until Saturday afternoon, the White house and the Mueller had not seen the report yet.

Mueller has documented, one of the Russian secret services launched a cyber war to the detriment of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, as well as over one hundred questionable contacts of the Trump team to representatives of Russia. There are charges against about two dozen Russian intelligence officers. Several employees Trumps are condemned already. At least politically, Trump remains responsible for the Doing of its employees. A “witch-hunt” looks different.

His lawyer, and sweeper Michael Cohen to prison, because he lied to the Congress: The Trump led hush money to two porn stars were the donations illegal campaign. His campaign Manager Paul Manafort sits, among other things, for tax evasion. Trump’s first security adviser, Michael Flynn, was convicted because he had concealed contacts with Russian agents. The President benefited in an unauthorized manner is still of the bookings of foreign state delegations in his Trump Hotel in Washington. Nothing goes in the White house without the daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Got to the command of the President even access to the highest state secrets, against the recommendation of the U.S. intelligence services. If that’s not a swamp …

His supporters have so far been true to your Idol. But this need not remain so. Thanks to Mueller, the mills of justice grinding on relentlessly. Prosecutors in Washington and New York to ascertain the trump Foundation and its Holding company. It comes to illegal campaign donations, tax payments, Embezzlement, credit transactions, and much more. Each of these methods could break the President’s Neck.

in view of the majority in the house of representatives and the Senate a Deposition would be futile. Nevertheless, the Democrats want to determine on the Basis of the Mueller report. The political process in the last few years so only at the beginning. The aim is to prevent a second term of office, Donald Trump is in the elections of 2020. As of today, your chances are not bad.

Wrong! Special investigator Mueller has spent 24 million dollars. Has he brought to the state by the payment of fines, and subsequent taxes will be approximately 48 million. You can see the difference.