The summer theater at FC Bayern, including a mud fight with Robert Lewandowski’s advisor Pini Zahavi, called ex-Munich Markus Babbel onto the scene. The former Bundesliga coach criticized the German champions with hearty words.

Not “Bayern-like”: He wants to go to FC Barcelona in the summer, but FC Bayern continues to be stubborn and will not let Robert Lewandowski out of his contract until 2023 because the club is currently unable to find a replacement. Former Bayern star Markus Babbel (49) finds the shrill accompanying noises of this public tugging “not Bayern-like”.

Criticism of the “Kasperletheater”: At “Sky” the former Bundesliga coach (Stuttgart, Hertha, Hoffenheim) said: “I think that Lewandowski will leave FC Bayern in the summer. If a player no longer wants to play for a club, you should let him go. With Lewandowski you have the theater every year. I understand that he wants to see something different now. That’s legitimate. But this Punch and Judy show doesn’t have to be.”

Fans annoyed: When it comes to the much-cited “appreciation” that players like to use when a new contract is being negotiated, Babbel is on the side of Uli Hoeneß, who recently made a clear statement: “It’s on the pay slip at the end. The players want to see the appreciation. The status that Lewandowski has earned among Bayern fans over the years is no longer there. As a fan, it’s just annoying.”

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