As Donald Trump attempts to prove voter fraud in last week’s election, an edited Fox News clip has fooled his critics on Twitter, with users eager to believe that POTUS himself had called into the network as an anonymous source.

The video, posted by comedian and notorious Twitter trickster Nick Lutsko went viral Wednesday morning. In the clip, conservative host Laura Ingraham was seen supposedly interviewing an anonymous election worker who “saw something suspicious” in the parking lot of a polling station. 

“Thousands of votes are gathered and they come and they’re dumped in locations and all of a sudden you lose elections that you think you’re gonna win,” claimed the suspiciously Trump-sounding ‘poll worker.’

In his quest for maximum deception, Lutsko presented the video as a gotcha moment, writing: “This is definitely Trump” and earning himself more than 27,000 retweets of the fake clip.

This is definitely Trump

And “definitely Trump” it was, with the audio being taken directly from an April press conference. A close listener might have even spotted the sounds of camera shutters in the fake interview.

In the original clip, Ingraham was actually interviewing an anonymous poll worker, alleging irregularities at their station. That person, however, sounded nothing like the outgoing POTUS, with his quite unique mannerisms and cadence.

WATCH: Fox News’ Laura Ingraham interviews anonymous poll worker complete with disguised voice.

Nevertheless, Lutsko fooled many viewers, with some overanalyzing the clip and coming to the obvious conclusion that the voice indeed belonged to Trump.

Yo Chuck, that’s Trump! Man, this is just downright pathetic! This can’t be real, right?! This is a Twitter joke. Has to be. 😂 🤦🏾‍♂️.

Wow! If that’s not him then it is an excellent impersonator.

Having gone viral, the video quickly launched the name ‘John Barron’ into the top US Twitter trends, as users were reminded of Trump’s real-life alias he used in the 1980s, who he pretended was his own spokesperson.

‘John Barron’ was Laura Ingraham’s secret source?! Wow. Even she was trying not to laugh. #GullibleWhiteMaleTrumpVoters#TrumpMeltdown#SniffyMcAdderall is not smart

Good ol John Barron rises again. His cult members won’t know it’s him.

Is donald j trump up to his old “john barron” tricks again 🤔

After seeing through the ruse, some commended the video for “very good” editing and credibility. “I absolutely and unashamedly fell for this hard and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” confessed one of the viewers.

update that I absolutely and unashamedly fell for this hard and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hahaha that had me for a moment 😂😂😂Very good though

Others came up with their own parodies of the edited clip. One especially creative user posted the video with the Sesame Street Muppet Elmo revealing the secrets of ballot fraud in Nevada instead.

You think that’s fishy? Have you seen the other guy they interviewed?

“is this the real life?”

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