enjoy Christmas in London, love story, inspired by the music of George Michael.

London in the run-up to Christmas: The life of Kate (Emilia Clarke) is all about. She stumbles from one self-inflicted Chaos to the next, and their work brings as an Elf in a Christmas shop your out of luck.

It seems like a miracle that one day, Tom (Henry Golding) in your life occurs, and it gradually creates the many barriers, has established the Kate and her heart to break. However, even though it’s Tom succeeds in Kate’s life for joy and to bestow self-confidence, he seems to have a secret. While London is transformed into a pre-Christmas sea of lights, Kate learns that sometimes things just happen and your heart has to follow, or, to say it with George Michael’s words: “You gotta have faith!”

14. November in the cinema!

Tuesday, 12. November 2019

KITAG CINEMAS Abaton, Zurich

From 19.15 aperitif
20.15 PM film screening

language Edf (without a break)