Movie premieres are allowed to show online

One of the biggest film studios in the world — Universal decided to film premieres online. Closure in USA cinemas because of the epidemic of the coronavirus forced to reduce the “launch window” — the delay between the release of the film in cinemas and online platforms — from months to weeks and even to zero.

In a press release, NBCUniversal reported that fresh movie premieres — including films “the invisible Man” (in theaters February 28), Hunting (in limited release on March 13) and “Emma” (in theaters from February 20) — 20 March you can rent for 48 hours, paying the 19.99 dollar. For online platforms, the price is high, but one ticket in a good theater in the evening at the weekend is in new York or Los Angeles about the same.

moreover, the continuation of the animated franchise about trolls — “the Trolls: World tour” from DreamWorks studios has promised to release online all in the same day as the movie — April 10.

according to The Streamable, so little as last weekend the cinemas in the United States did not earn more than 20 years. Interesting, will do likewise, following the Universal and other studios. A while just decided to postpone the premiere — Disney did it with “Mulan”.

Before it became known that the Russian online cinemas are actively trying to lure viewers by offering subscriptions at a discount or even free, as well as expanding the range available at no extra charge content. In response, the Russian Association of theater owners accused of online video services in unfair competition. The letter notes that “in a time of growing panic before the threat of the spread of coronavirus, cinemas… are not closed on quarantine”. In this March 16 in Moscow and the Moscow region prohibits all activities in the premises with the number of participants more than 50 people — this will force cinemas to restrict the sale of tickets at least in large halls.

Text: News.Hi-tech