In the movie “The Money Pit” (“a Gift is too expensive”) from the year 1986 Tom Hanks (62) buys his girlfriend a mansion, which turns out to be a dump. Now, the house is real, and his reputation justice. The property is located just outside of New York City, Long Island (USA).

It was purchased in 2002 by Christina and Rich Makowsky. The Couple paid for the house for $ 2.1 million. The two knew the Villa from the movie was getting on in years – thought-out, however, the extent of the defects was fiction. That changed when you moved in.

From the shack is not says luxury-Villa

“We realized how bad it was,” Rich Makowsky to the New York Times. “The house fell apart, while they went from room to room. We would definitely be able to a continuation of the strip to rotate.”

The new owner dedicated a 30-person Team to renovate the Villa. About one and a half years, and 5.9 million dollars of investment were needed to make the shack to a luxury Villa.

The cost

the case of The property included a swimming Pool, including a bath-house, a fireplace, a modern and open kitchen. The Makowskys wrote the house in 2014. The new sale price: 12.5 million dollars.

However, the purchaser remained. Over five years, the Couple tried to sell the Villa. Again and again they reduced the price. Recently, they finally found a buyer. He paid 3.5 million dollars. The project gave the Makowskys thus, a million loss.

Too luxurious for the Region,

Why was the property not the buyer? Is ahead of the reputation of the house? Experts in the real estate market in Long Island are divided. The house after the renovations too luxurious for the local needs of, say, the a against the real estate Portal “Realtor”. The prices have declined in this Region in the last twelve months, say others.