The nine-year-old Mexican Xóchitl López grew up in the highlands of Chiapas. Her parents were too poor to buy her all of this, what is for Teenagers in the Western world, of course. Xóchitl has never complained that you have stolen her Childhood.

Last year, she was honored by the Institute for nuclear science, the largest Mexican University for their Solar hot water conditioner made from recycled Material with a price. She says: “There are many low-income people who cannot afford these heaters. Therefore, they are clearing trees to gain firewood. This, in turn, the world affected by global warming.” Meanwhile, Xóchitl receives support from universities.

at The age of nine years, Ken Lou “artificial wood” made from recycled Material, which is detrimental to the environment when you Burn or health. He is the youngest inventor in Guatemala and was awarded by the government.

the end of the world sect Extinction Rebellion

There are many Xóchitls and Ken’s on our planet. They Admirable make. But for the Western media, this creative Teenager that actually do Useful things for the environment, is hardly an issue.

more Interesting are narcissistic street potatoes of the anti-democratic end of the world sect Extinction Rebellion (XR), the costumes in red carnival esoteric parties. Some call themselves “the Red Brigades” (Red brigades), such as the Italian terrorist group Brigate Rosse, which was the end of the 70s for 97 Deaths.

The Planet needs no green Uriellas

Stuart Basden, a founding member of XR, denies in an Essay of 10. January 2019, that is, XR is a climate movement. Co-founder Roger Hallam, explained on 4 February 2019 at an event by Amnesty International in London, its strategy to change the system and said: “Yes, some might die in the process.”

Currently, XR tries, peaceful climate protesters to radicalize. But the Planet does not need green Uriellas still in the Red brigades, but to innovations. And they will come, because you can earn money with it. Extinction Rebellion does, however, at the moment, exactly what you accuse of politics, to sit Around and “Slogans instead of actions” to deliver. An escalation is not foreseeable.

Claude Cueni (63) is a writer and lives in Basel. He writes every second Friday of the VIEWS.