It’s tragic news about “The Biggest Loser” candidate Ali Tuncer. In 2013, the young man took part in the television show, which aims to help overweight people lead a healthy life. His weight loss success at the time: 120 kilograms. The former participant of the show died of heart failure at the age of 40.

In 2013 Ali Tuncer’s life had turned 180 degrees: With the help of “The Biggest Loser” he turned his life around, lost 120 kilograms and felt like a new person. Many candidates fall into a deep hole after the show, lose their routine and gain weight again. However, this yo-yo effect was never a problem with Ali Tuncer. After the show, he stayed true to his new lifestyle, exercising, maintaining his weight, and even writing his own fitness column.

The news that is currently causing sadness on the Internet is all the more terrible: According to, Ali Tuncer died of heart failure in Turkey at the age of just 40. His death was “surprising,” it said.

The fans of the show “The Biggest Loser” are now mourning the likeable and fun-loving former candidate, who was taken from life far too early at the age of 40. The “” portal, for which Ali Tuncer regularly wrote articles on the subject of sports and nutrition four years ago, is also concerned. “Ali Tuncer will be remembered by his relatives, friends and colleagues as a likeable, open and lovable person,” according to the magazine’s statement.

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