In no preview, and no program folder is the Name. Here, Kari Hegglin († 2002) is the most successful Zuger transducer and one of the most popular intra-Swiss of all times. As a mountain king, he coined the time, to the 2. World war.

a Total of Hegglin won 76 wreaths and won 38 vibration-resistant, twice on the Brünig, three times in the evening and four times on the Rigi. And by the way, he was still the champion of Europe in wrestling.

“So wotti nid gwünne”

At his first Triumph on the Brünig he defeated in the Final step, to the President of the resonant king Werner Bürki. The judges declared him the winner, but Bürki murmured: “I was with two shoulders in the sawdust.” There is a fierce discussion broke Hegglin short-hand flared up: “So wotti nid gwünne. Chasch numal cho, i take di the degree of numal.” Shortly thereafter, a shot was definitely on the back.

With this gesture, Hegglin, who grew up in a family with 24 children created, already active times of legend status. As it was worn at the age of 92 years, to the grave, was occupied by the Church of St. Michael in the train to the last seat. Swing friends from all over Switzerland prepared him in a sea of waving banners and flags in a moving farewell.

The largest Trouble: passive Swing

Fairness and unconditional Aggressiveness were his trademark. As to him, once a competitor offered a Provided, the Hegglin had entered the Final round and the opponent in the ring, he edited this deliberately in the bridge and hissed in his ear: “something you never ask me more!” An intra-Swiss tuning firm in Siebnen, he won with six Wins and a total Fight time of only two minutes. Every opponent he threw the first train platform, including twice in the later swing king Peter Vogt.

Nothing annoyed him more than a passive Swing. “It could have appeared happened that he, when he was already over 70, after a fatigue in the oscillation cellar, to explain to us attack swings,” recalls Harry Knüsel, the only intra-Swiss swing king. In doing so, he often rose in the Zwilchosen.

The model athlete was in the Public immensely popular, as Zug city police officer – with a core competence for a night’s sleep disorders, “Überhocken or Horseplay. Usually two, three gruff words were enough: “So, now Rueh!” When Enforcing the Curfew, he was a track less authoritarian. Sometimes he could not resist when offered to him: “Kari, take au nu ice.” And an hour later, the next patrol was forced to move out to the Zechbrüdern finally the tap to turn it off.

The author, Richard Hegglin was during four decades in the sport of skiing as an Agency journalist on the go. He was also 20 years in the Fis world Cup Komitett. Today Hegglin for various Newspapers and for snow active writes. Karl Hegglin was his uncle.

23. to 25. August dominate giants, sawdust, and put on their drill trousers, Switzerland – the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine festival to festival 2019 in train. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Mega-Event.

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11.00 am / opening of the Festgeländes13.00 / flag reception in Zug14.00 / Start parade

7.30 / invasion of the Schwinger7.45 / Nationalhymne8.00 / Oscillation (1./2. Gear)8.00 / Start Of The Competition Steinstossen13.30 / Decay (3./4. Gang)14.00 / Final 20-kg-Steinstossen14.30 / Final 40-kg-Steinstossen17.15 / end of Decay

7.45 / Ausstich (5. Gear)10.30 / Ausstich (6. Gear)13.30 / Wreath Ausstich (7. Gear)14.45 / Final Unspunnenstein15.15 / wreath ausstich (8. Gear)16.45 / closing speed