As a very spontaneous action, Nino Schurter described the image with the Nude Füdlis of him and his team mate Florian Vogel, Lars Forster and mechanic Kurt Gross in front of the White house in Washington, D.C., which he proudly presented on Instagram. It should be a side-swipe at the US President Donald Trump.

The four white butt not to come but all good. The Swiss Cycling Federation Swiss Cycling has not, for example, very much for shearing TERS of action left. “Swiss Cycling distances himself expressly and in all the Form of this inappropriate action” the Association on request to announce.

On your own

In the case of Swiss Cycling traded it disclaims any responsibility. Because: “The world Cup Mission was gone on Monday afternoon at the airport of Montreal to the end.” Consequently, the leaders of the Swiss Cycling traveled back to Switzerland.

Not so, however, Schurter and co., which stopped before the world Cup finals in Snowshoe a Sightseeing Stop in Washington and not be pressured in this rash action were. Fortunately for the four men: As they acted on their own, threatening them by the Association, no consequences. (jk)