the dazzling performance of our Cross-Country bikers and bikers at world Cup opener in Albstadt, Germany! In short track racing, the Swiss, as usual, are the measure of all things.

In the women’s race over 8 rounds of fighting after a little more than 20 minutes of racing world champion Kate Courtney (USA) and Jolanda Neff for the win. The St. Galleries are all, but Courtney is sprint a touch faster in the target.

For the American’s first world Cup victory, Neff still waiting for a success in a short track race. Behind Neff, Kathrin Stirnemann completed as the third of the podium. The Sensitivity is for the first time in the Top 3.

this will be followed, with Linda Indergand (4.) and Ramona Forchini (6.) more in Switzerland. Sina Free (10.) moves into the Top Ten. The great results also promise much for the Cross-Country race on Sunday (11.30 am).

Forster and Schurter on the podium

According to the women, the men start on the eve to the short track race. There, too, the Swiss dominate the outcome of the competition. Lars Forster as the Second and Superstar Nino Schurter as the third have to be in the Sprint, only for the Dutchman Mathieu van der Poel hit.

Curious: Schurter miscounted the number of laps! In the end he says to “MySports”: “I thought, there goes two more rounds and then I was in a stupid Position.”

in doing So, Switzerland is at the men in the short rack is still without a win. On Sunday, we will go 14.35 watch to the victory in the Cross Country race.