The emotions of a tough Cape Epic stage in South Africa are still fresh, the pulse is still in the elevated range. Completely sweaty and dirty Brazil mountain bike Star Henrique Avancini (29) on Monday in a Short Interview in the target information.

Shortly before that, Avancini, along with Partner Manuel Fumic (De) is in Second place, nearly three minutes behind the Swiss winners Nino Schurter and Lars Forster to finish.

Then he was shocked with a spicy statement: “to be honest, it would be nice to have microphones on the Bikes. Then you could see who’s the real Nino.”

“He is fond of the big Boss”

What is Avancini implying? Schurter, of his character, the seven-time world champion and Olympic champion, has a dark side? He clarified his statements about Nino.

“He Fucks all of the drivers in the field. No one knows this side of him and I hate that. He is like the big Boss and he is the best driver. But he is not in this race to the boss and I’m not afraid of him. It is a long week, and I hope that we will have in the next few days, a nice battle. Gradually, he will show his face”

The attacked Schurter responded later on his Social Media channels, after Avancini at him for his accusations personally apologized.

“I was never said to be rude to my competitors,”

Nino: “I’m very sad about the differences of opinion between him and me. I him fuck any time”,” as he claims. I was never rude to my competitors and respect the Racers all mine! The way he explained things to the Public and the Fans is a lie, I wouldn’t expect from a Champion like him.”

Also Avancini logs again, after his frustration has reduced slightly. He puts into perspective: “We are both of the opinion that I overreacted in my Interview and to aggressive with my choice of words was. Even if I don’t like sometimes his behavior during the race. From my point of view, a race is driven only with the legs. For him, the use of words is a mental game and part. In this point, we do not agree, which is fine.”

Schurter/Forster are four minutes ahead of

Schurter completes the inglorious Episode. “Let us now, once again, have Fun!”, the 32-Year-old says. Fun he has on the Bike at the same time. After the prologue and 1. Stage wins, the Duo Schurter/Forster on Tuesday, the 2. Stage and is located in the Cape Epic-General classification 4:04 minutes in front of Avancini/Fumic. The race will last until Sunday.

and a complete medals set at the Olympics, that is Nino Schurter is the undisputed best and most successful mountain bikers of the present. The Grisons is enthroned far above all others.

his rival the king of the Cross-Country deal. Not on the Bike, but orally. Henrique Avancini, who has torn apart a world title in the MTB Marathon, there are no outstanding cords, accused Schurter bad behavior.

behaves during a race is really bad, we will never know with certainty. The Biker without a microphone are on the go. Therefore, always in the Case of the Schurter vs. Avancini statement against statement.

but it is probably in the middle. Completely out of thin air Avancinis not likely to be allegations. For no reason the Brazilians would not allow itself to be shot of such a Tirade against Schurter fascinating. You should not, however, break the wand over Nino.

with his great career deserves. Without a certain amount of audacity to come this far forward. Who is only loving and kind, to win no flower pot.

and trash talk belongs in most sports, in order to be successful. Just where there is a direct fight man-to-man. Also in hockey, for example, this is commonplace. Central is that the bow is spanned. This has not done Schurter with certainty.