In the summer holidays, Tom Lüthi (32) had at Kite-Surfing in Egypt with his sail full of Wind – and now he wants to be on the racing bike with full sail for the world title lawn! After four weeks break you for the Emmentaler on Sunday at the GP of the Czech Republic (12.20 PM, live SRF2) re-order points.

Luthi needs to pass in the second half of the season Alex Marquez. The 23-year-old brother of MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez won four of five races before the break and has eight points ahead of the Swiss.

But Tom ignore for the second half of the season with a roadmap of how he wants to beat the Spaniard, Marquez! Luthi explains: “I focus on him. Otherwise, a different driver is at the end, suddenly in front, as at the beginning of the season, with Lorenzo Baldassarri (winner in three of the first four GPs, d. Red.).”

The second point is in the title of schedule: The Konstanz. Tom: “I have to constantly fight for the podium. 12. Rank in the qualifying, such as at the Sachsen ring is no longer in the thick of it, actually.”

The third schedule to-point: The world needs a Second more victories such as at the GP in Austin in April. “We need to do it again to win the race. There’s only one: work, work, work. We are already at a high level. But we must continue to improve.”

in the second half of the season, go full throttle, sped Lüthi in July, ten days on the Kite-Board across the Red sea, then training, followed by on the Motocross bike. Lüthi: “It has done well, something to switch off and recharge the batteries. From now on, the world Cup blow for blow. I’m ready for it!”

And even if 2019 is not with the title of the work: The contract for 2020 in its German Dynavolt Team shakes nobody. There’s also changes to the News-platform “” fictitious rumor of a possible Superbike world championship-change nothing.

summer break? Not for bike-rider Dominique Aegerter (28). The Rohrbacher flies in the world Cup-a break twice because of the legendary 8-hour race Suzuka, Japan. For the Tests, then for the race. Because of a qualifying penalty Team last Sunday, looks out for Aegerter’s but, despite a podium suspicious pace only rank 7.

During its world Cup opponents will be a holiday, experienced Domi is the toughest race of the year. “The physical hardships are hard to describe. To drive three hours to the Limit in this heat and extreme humidity, it is an ordeal,” says Aegerter.

The long-haul, he alternates with two team-mates. Aegerter: “But each use lasts as long as otherwise a whole Moto2 race.” The marks on his hands are obvious. Aegerter brings a lot of calluses and blisters to Brno. But he also says: “No Problem! I’m back, rested and fit. To me, it was important that I was able to drive in the break of the putt.”

as of Friday Marathon man Aegerter in Moto2 Gas. Behind-the-Scenes discussions with MV Agusta about a contract extension running, meanwhile, by the way. But the world Cup-19. need to bring the Italians for a season of around 300000 Swiss francs to be allowed to drive.