The number of registrations of new passenger cars is in the first three weeks of march, roughly 30 per cent lower than in the same period of the previous year, for example, the ING Economic Bureau figures. CONTROL of about 13 per cent.

The decline comes to the fore, and on Monday, it published a list of the numbers of Kentekenradar, RDW, ING’s economics department in itself. The economist Rico Luman, pointing to lower consumer confidence, potential buyers who have to take time off in connection with the corona virus as the cause.

“The number of registrations of new cars decreased in the first three weeks of march with around 30 per cent., which goes to the actual orders. Sales of new and leased cars, in businesses, in the Netherlands, up to as much as two-thirds of the whole, in the short term with some stability,” said Luman, in a comment on LinkedIn.

now, TOYOTA is pulling the numbers in the question and suggests that the reduction in the number of registrations is less substantial. The chamber of trade of about 13 percent of the time. The previously noted CONTROL all of the buyer audience, the car dealership on the left to do so.

The Tesla Model 3, with a total of 1,017 registered, copies are still at the top of the list, followed by the Kia Niro, and the Renault Clio. The MINI and the Volkswagen Golf, the top five to complete, according to the data of the Kentekenradar.

Registrations up to and including the 22nd of march, Tesla Model 3: a total of 1,017 Kia Niro: 573 (of which 290 are fully electric, the Renault Clio: 522 MIN: 447, of which 172 are full-electric) Volkswagen Golf: 441 (of which 293 all-electric)

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