The Corona-pandemic also has a big impact on the world economy. For racing the rule of thumb is: no race, no income. How the Situation in the coming months will have an impact, especially for the small Teams of the classes Moto2 and Moto3, remains to be seen.

How is the Situation for the driver? The top stars Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi and co. have earned in the past years, a lot of money. Otherwise it looks for the drivers in the midfield of the Premier class and the drivers of the small classes, do not receive salaries in the millions.

“in terms of rider contracts, there is a part that is related to the image right, and another part that is based on the Performance”, explains Simone battistella in the interview . The Italian is one of the drivers Manager in the Paddock and taking care of Andrea Dovizioso, Alvaro Bautista, Lorenzo Baldassarri and Alessandro Zaccone.

Still, there is no difference, if there is still a race to be

“at The Moment, it makes no difference if it is a world Cup there. There should be no world Cup should be for the driver not a big Problem, but for the organizers, sponsors, and so on. If there is no race, that would of course lead to many problems, not so much for the driver, but for the organizers and the Teams, because there will be losses for the sponsors, TV Rights and all these things.”

The Motorsport could be affected, especially from one side economically. A big question relates to the future possibilities from various companies. How much can or companies want to invest in the future in sponsorship of sports events? Sponsors are a fundamental source of revenue for the Teams, but also for race tracks, and promoters.

“We stand with the sponsors in contact,” says battistella. “But before the Situation is not clear, it is impossible to carry on a conversation. As things Stand, there will be a world championship, the calendar still looks 19 race. So we have to wait and see. If there should be a significant cut in the number of races, you will need to discuss for sure.”

The probability that the MotoGP season will consist of 18 or 19 races, will be from week to week. Less races for the riders contracts are a Problem? “The agreement is valid for the world Cup,” says battistella. “If race be abolished, it makes no difference. This was not the case, as you had to swipe Silverstone a few years ago.”

This article was written by Gerald Dirnbeck, Co-author: Juliane goat spirit

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