The terrifying accident happened on the circuit of Bellinzago Novarese (I): The Thurgau-based motocross rider Noel K.* (†22) rushes during Training. Immediately, the rescue workers get him with the helicopter to the nearby hospital “Maggiore” in Novara.

According to Italian Newspapers, the rescuers are able to revive the young man still on the track, to stabilize and to the emergency room. After immediate Return to Switzerland, he loses three days later, last Wednesday, the fight for his life. In the Canton hospital of St. Gallen, it must explain to the Doctors for dead.

father: “Motocross was his passion”

What exactly led to the accident is not known. The family of the Swiss is shocked and deeply sad. His father says: “Motocross was his passion. He regularly took part in the race.” The family would like to Express in this difficult time of the accident.

The unexpected death tears a big hole in the hearts of his friends in the motocross scene. The Swiss car and motorcycle drivers Association (SAM), writes on the Website: “We mourn the loss of a dear, helpful friend and colleagues.”

Noel was himself a member of the SAM. Between 2015 and early 2019, he was the sports President of the section of St. Gallen. The passionate motocross riders prepared diligently for the upcoming season. He took part in the Junior Open from SAM. The Association is deeply affected and the family his condolences: “Noel remains to us in good memory. A popular, young and dedicated sports man is no more.”

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