Two podiums from Tom Lüthi (33) and the simultaneous weakness of championship Leader Alex Marquez (23), to the Swiss bike-Fans hope. Lüthi can dream of the two races before the end from the world title, even if he says: “The world Cup is very, very difficult. I really look up to me, and concentrate on our work.”

thanks to its catch-up race of the Emmental shortens the distance to the Spaniard on 28 points. For the first time in seven Grands Prix and Luthi’s crash at Brno, Marquez pad is on the Swiss less than 30 meter.

But there are only two GPs. Luthi’s four-month losing streak without a podium was in place but it’s too long for the world championship crown? The recipe for Lüthi on Sunday in Malaysia (Start 6.20 PM, live SRF2) is simple: He needs to come in front of Marquez to the finish, to compete for the world championship Showdown at the final round in Valencia.

Luthi must in Sepang, Marquez beat

Then, the arithmetic games begin. At least four points need to Lüthi betting. Since a victory is 25 points, you need Tom for the Showdown, a residue of not more than 24 meters. Because in the case of point equality, the number decides victories, here Marquez (5 victories) against Lüthi (1 win) ahead is clear.

the result of the world Cup Leaders But only in the case of a Swiss victory no role. Lüthi, for example, in the third and Marquez in the Fourth, the Spaniard, the champion of the world – if the world Cup third Brad Binder wins the race.

The good Omen: Lüthi has in Sepang and Valencia already won races, Marquez never. And the Swiss has won the psychological war last the upper hand. Marquez has already announced that he wants to attack Malaysia full. The but increases the error rate – for a gross blunder of the Spaniard Lüthi also need to make a late started catching up a real Cup Thriller in Valencia!

Luthi-Team dreams of double crown

The title hunt by Lüthi for his German Dynavolt Team is a big thing. Team founder and co-owner Stefan Keckeisen to travel, therefore, for the penultimate GP to Malaysia, to be on the ground. Keckeisen, the Boss of a large battery manufacturer in Memmingen, founded on the season of 1013, together with Wolfgang Kuhn IntactGP. “We want to fight in 2014 or 2015 to the title,” said Keckeisen at the time. But it was not until in 2019 it is a Transfer of Lüthi to the extent. Now the Moto2 racing team waving from the Allgäu, even two world Cup crowns. In addition to the drivers ‘ championship everything is still in the Team standings possible.