came on As a Marketing consultant, Julia H. (38) after the maternity leave back to work, she received the notice. And after we reported on it on Tuesday, reported that dozens of women, which was similar to that in the absence of. VIEW had apparently stirred up a hornet’s nest!

Every tenth mother not allowed to work after childbirth in the usual Job, you estimate the trade Union Syna. Because you are the boss does not trust, to bring family and work under a hat. Because he believes that women with small children were missing more frequently in the workplace. Or because he is not willing to accept a reduction of the workload. You could also say: to think because he has forgotten.

The discrimination of young mothers is all the more intriguing, as it is perhaps the only question is, in the trade unions and employers seamlessly agree. Even trade Association Director Hans-Ulrich Bigler has not commented on the clip and clear: “This is all about, an absolute No-Go! I assume that these heads have no children.”

Why are there these dismissals, anyway?

Because such employers do not understand what you have to the young mothers. How stupid is that, can I judge, after twelve years of leadership experience very closely: mothers are the best people!

first, no one appears to be as motivated to work as a woman after maternity leave. In addition to the time with the small child she enjoys working as a stimulating change and a challenge.

Secondly, someone hardly ever works as efficiently as young mothers. If you want to allow the user to change between work and Baby, you can’t afford slowness or waste of energy.

Thirdly, it brings to a mother, the part-time work, in a ratio of more ideas than any other: Although she may be only 60 percent present, but nevertheless, 100 percent of your creativity.

That some bosses have not grasped these obvious truths, still, is the role of images of the past centuries.

Must be a man during working hours to his sick child, he as an exemplary father. A woman for the same reason home and it is fast: Now it is missing again!

the man in the WK, he will be praised for his service to the Fatherland. A mother because her child is missing, it means The man now has it, if one hires a woman!

Is a carriage, thinks of some of the chief only to the men in the Team. Because he assumes that you want to make a career – and that to every mother her Baby is more important. The idea that a woman might both want a career and a child, these heads already too exhausting.

In a free economy do employers, of course, what you want. But anyone who dismisses nowadays, even mothers, because he considers them to be employees of the second class, which is not only harmful to his company and the economy as a whole, which is in urgent need of skilled workers. The is especially a lousy boss!

This is a consolation for all those stupid Redundant: you don’t have to work longer for an unskilled Manager. And, instead, a smarter, employers can search for – a, the white, are of value to women and mothers for his company.