In Gainesville, Florida (United States), the 48-year-old mother Melissa Mack can take your two sons (4 and 6) to friends, so this farewell from each other. Then the woman makes a murderous Plan into action.

she wants to and kill their children by car ramming your Van a tank of approximately 1500 litres of fuel. The driver of the tanker, Paul Dale Hackbarth, noticed the daring maneuvers and first Dodge.

Mack does not give up, however. She turns and rams the Tanker from the rear. The Van catches fire the Airbags to save, however, all three of them.

“It is the will of God”

passers-by to help and liberate you from the burning car. After the interrogation of the truck driver, Mack, the police arrested. You do not want to remember the sequence of events. “It is God’s will. You can do nothing”, have you told your friends before.

The woman must answer now before the court: Three counts attempted murder is the charge, the Deposit requirement is 900’000 US dollars (equivalent to about 880’000 Swiss francs). The children of the woman were not injured, police statements, according to. You are now the authority for children and families passed. (spr)