the school bench press When his old classmates in the Morning already, sleeping Benjy Fish (15) yet. Because Fish wants to be a professional Gamer and plays every night for hours the controversial shooting game “Fortnite”.

he does, but not secretly, but with the Express permission of his mother. She has him logged out even from the school, so he can play until deep into the night. “When my mother asked me to leave the school, I thought I was hearing things,” says the Teenager, “the Daily Mirror”.

shoot instead of Buffalo

“My mother didn’t know at first how good I am. Until I woke once in the middle of the night, because I had won at a European Online-tournament for 11’000 Euro,” says Fish. Since then he promotes his mother, and manages him.

he is Currently preparing for the world Cup in July. The winner will win three million dollars. The world Cup qualification, he made directly in the first round. Only the 50’000 Dollar bonus to bring him now.

So that he can win in the world Cup right, he needs to train now “”. Means: shoot instead of Buffalo, and every night until four in the morning. If he wins the world Cup, he wants to buy his mother a house. “My dad died of cancer when I was eight months old. A place we could call our Own, that would be great,” says Fish.

a private teacher comes, after he rested, has

education scientists warn the whole day to play on the Computer. This was dangerous for a young people and not a career Option. The mother of the 15-Year-old sees it differently: she compares her son with a young footballer, starts just right through.

So the Teenager does not lose completely the connection in the school, come over after all, private teacher at his home. However, it is only against 14 o’clock – once Fish has rested.