In Offenbach’s town centre was shot dead by a German-Moroccan (†44) on Thursday night in your car. She waited in her parked Porsche Panamera in front of a martial arts school on your son (13). This had to stand by and watch the death struggle of his mother.

Shortly before 19 o’clock, a grey Audi A4 was suddenly to be with Offenbacher mark passed, writes “image”. The driver had stopped his car next to the Porsche, the wife and then the fatal shot was fired. This struck through the windshield of the driver’s side and hit the woman on the neck.

son immediately ran to his mother

the head of The martial arts school Thomas B.* told “Focus Online: “I had finished, the youth training just as suddenly, a shot rang out. A few seconds later, I heard screams from the street. I threw a glance out the window and saw a woman who was bleeding in front of your Porsche.”

her son, a student of the fighting school, immediately ran to his mother, when he saw you lying on the floor. “She’s apparently dropped out after the shot and collapsed. I took the boy in the Arm and repeatedly told him: you creates it,” says Thomas B.

However, the emergency alert rescue workers attempted in vain to save the life of the 44-Year-old. She died still a car at the scene of the crime in the hospital. Some family members were rushed to the scene of the crime, including the victim’s husband and the father of 13-Year-old.

“It was a targeted act,”

could Possibly be behind the deed, a relationship or in tort, such as multiple media reports. The head of the martial arts school says: “The Boy has told the police and me that his family is in a dispute with her husband. This is said to have threatened the family.” The shock is Thomas B. is still in the bones. “I, the mother had seen an hour before of the fact, yet, as she has brought her son to the Training. This fact is for me, unbelievable,” he says.

As the police spokesman Rudi New to the “image” says, it is possible that the gunner carrying the weapon on you. But there is no danger: “It was a targeted act.” According to initial information, it should be Protect to a Moroccan (42). It will be determined whether he was sitting alone in the car, or whether there is still an accomplice. The shooter is still on the run, the search is over. (frk)

* the Name has been changed