the Sad news, from the border with france. The mother-of-Pep Guardiola has died there from the consequences of the feline corona virus. Dolors, Sala Carrio was 82 years old and left his life in Manresa, near Barcelona, spain.

“The family of Manchester City has been struck after the news of the death of the mother of our coach Pep Guardiola,” said the team’s Kevin De Bruyne on Twitter. “Everyone involved in the club’s sympathy with him at this terrible time.”

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Last month, bought Mr. 1 million in Angel Soler, Daniel Foundation, and the Medical College to combat the corona virus, to help. In Spain, there were more than 13,000 victims and that the country has one of the worst-affected countries in the world.

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Thoughts are with The and his family at this time. One for the team.

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