Leipzig dad is the Best! Since then, lioness, Kigali (5) killed two weeks ago in the Leipzig Zoo, once again, two of her five babies, take care of father Majo (5) to the offspring. And with flying colors.

The Little ones will enjoy their father’s days, rum trolls in the because of the corona crisis closed, and therefore empty Zoo, in the meantime, even in the privacy of the lions ‘ Savannah “Makasi Simba”.

lions strong dad Majo: “He has accepted this role well and is a really good and loving father. The young animals trust him and sleeping together, close to him,“ says head of Jens Hirmer.

Majo is a single lion dad photo: © Zoo Leipzig GmbH

pull a few days Ago, the single dad Majo was accompanied by his gang (two girls, one Boy) for the first time on the Savannah. The Junior has tasted the blood of freedom. Majo then a day on the Savannah customs.

it looks like This: The kids play, while Majo take a look at the lively Bustle from the entrance of the cave. “This constellation has the advantage that it can call back the young, if he is brave,” says Jens Hirmer.