a Resident of the U.S. state of Tennessee said that his relationship with his sons has improved after he changed sex. This publication reports the Daily Star.

32-year-old Adam Walker (Adam Walker) was born a woman and transitioned in 2017. Walker grew up in a religious family, his childhood had been taught that homosexuality is a sin. He is ashamed of his desire to be a man, but felt uncomfortable as a woman.

“Despite the fact that previously I had relationships with men, they never attracted me. Then I began to feel that with me something not so,” he said. He had a marriage in which he was born the son of James. Then Walker got pregnant out of wedlock. In the end, he decided to make a coming out.

“I said that I was a lesbian, despite the fact that I had no relationships with women,” said Walker. Later he had a fleeting relationship with a woman who pushed him to become a man. Then Walker said that will not do it because of his sons.

“She asked what would be my name and I just said, “Adam,” said Walker. A few months later he began taking testosterone. After coming out of Walker’s lost several friends and family members, but now feels happier. “My family rejected me, but I didn’t choose this life,” he explained.

In 2016, Walker began to wear men’s clothes, and in 2017 became a male transgender. His ten-year son James first it was hard to understand this as he remembers Adam when he was mom. Five-year-old Lincoln was easier to get used to it, because his age came after Adam went through the transformation. Two years later, both children began to call Walker’s dad.

“I hated when they called me “Mom”. It was so weird, because people started to watch.I’m much happier now, and that has improved my relationship with my boys,” — said Walker. He wants to raise his sons properly so that they learned to accept other people. “Now I’m the best role model for my children when I can finally be myself,” he said.