There are desert scenes, which take place in April 2015 before the Ilfis-Halle, Langnau BE. Angry supporters of the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers riot because their Team is relegated in the national League B. Belongs to the ice-hockey Hooligans, also Nico B.*, then 18 years old.

During the riots B. tried a shut-off pull down, throws later, distress torches and firecrackers against police officers. One of the firecrackers detonated only a few meters, in addition to the forces – it is followed by a louder pop with devastating consequences. At least six police officers were affected in the hearing. Three of them have to live up to today, with permanent damage.

The Accused stand, therefore, on Tuesday before the court and made a confession. For his Actions B. got two sentences – 24 months conditionally and a fine of 10’000 Swiss francs, is also due.

Because of the nationwide media hype is the mother of B. reports and defended her son. “The fact that now half of Switzerland to question a judgment about him, makes me angry. The don’t even know him”, she says to LOOK.

“My son has to get on with his life”

The Act of her son, she stated thus: “On that day, in front of the Ilfis-Halle, he had a rage in my stomach – not only because of the Match.” A friend of his had been in Trouble before with the police. “My son is very emotional, like me.”

The mother of B. is Worried about its future. “I’m afraid that the thing catches up again.” She asserts that has changed her son. “He has to get on with his life,” she says. He has to go to a regular job as a caretaker. She fears that the current employer could get out of the past and of the son of man Wind: “I think the knew up to this week, namely nothing of the matter!” (bra/sac)

* Name