Most services for retirees can be issued in electronic form

the Pension Fund of Russia advised Russians, especially older people, to apply for government services remotely.

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG Putin spoke about the importance of the amendments to the Constitution on the minimum wage and pensions

As I recall in the RPF, today, almost any service can be accessed through your personal account on the Fund’s website or portal. To request services can not only pensioners, but also those who only forms a pension or entitled to other social benefits.

for example, working Russians the information available about retirement rates, savings, experience and the employer’s contributions to retirement. In personal account you can see information about the accrual and expenditure of funds of the parent capital.

E-office also allows you to apply for making most payments to the pension Fund and to manage their provision. For example, an application to change the delivery method for retirement or replacement social services for monetary compensation.

the government approved the indexation of social pensions

Remotely, you can arrange payments for the care of the pensioner, a disabled child or disabled since childhood of the first group. Operational information it is always possible to get reference numbers of the offices of the Pension Fund (you can find the contacts at the top of the website of the FIU in the “Contact region” should be selected for the subject of the Russian Federation).

If you still need to visit a territorial office of the FIU, it is best to enroll through the service appointment and come at the appointed time, and not wait for admission in the General queue.