Most popular smartphones 2020: the version

Analysts “Yandex.Store” called smartphones, which are most of all interested users of the service in early 2020. Examining the dynamics of demand from January to February, the researchers found that the buyers usually prefer products Xiaomi, Samsung and Apple.

the Five most popular models of the beginning of 2020 looks like this:

the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T 4/64GB.Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 6/64GB.Samsung Galaxy 64GB A50.Apple iPhone 64GB 11.Apple iPhone 128GB 11.

Xiaomi is the leader for the second year in a row, said Вестям.Ru in a press-service. Over the past two months more than 30% of transitions of users “Yandex.Market” in the Internet-shops had to devices of this brand. In early 2019, the two top lines also took the smartphone manufacturing Chinese company: Note 5 4/64GB and Redmi 6A 2/16GB.

In September, after the presentation of a new iPhone 11, Apple surpassed Samsung, taking second place. American brand kept the “silver” until February 2020, while the Korean firm didn’t return it myself with the announcement of the Galaxy S20. Despite this, the third of the demand in the beginning of 2020 was not new Samsung and model Galaxy A50, released in February last year. The top ten most popular smartphones in the version “Yandex.Market” also includes A10 and Galaxy Galaxy S10e 6/128GB, finished sixth and tenth places respectively.

Fourth and fifth place received new items Apple – iPhone 11 with 64 and 128 GB of memory. The audience of “Yandex.Market” continues to be interested in old models of iPhones, particularly iPhone 64GB Xr. This model, released over two years ago, the report for January-February was on the eighth place.

Previously, the analysts of “Yandex.Market” made up a list of the main devices of the decade. In the category of smartphones, the undisputed leaders took the line of Samsung Galaxy, one of the first to receive the wireless charging function, Apple iPhone, favorite for a selfie camera, and Redmi Note for the price and quality. Models of these brands. was witha game popular in 2019: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone A50 Xr.

Text: To.Hi-tech